Dear friends,
This website was launched more than 25 years ago. It provided information on cowries, thousands of pictures, and became a home for collectors and scientists to share their thoughts and ask questions. I supplied selected seashells to collectors and institutions worldwide. Somebody once commented: "The difference between dealing with you and the others out there is the quality. The difference between Wagyu and Kebab."

Looking back, I am thankful for all the time I could cater to collectors’ desires, exceed expectations, and obtain the seemingly unobtainable.
My personal highlight was the spontaneous launch of a charity auction, raising €25,000.00 for the victims of the tsunami in December 2004.

Many of you became dear friends. My sincere thanks to everybody who contributed to the success of my ventures.

It is my pleasure to announce that, after many months of absence, the sales lists are back. They will not be run by me, but by my friend Dr. Peter Stahlschmidt, a world-renowned expert in seashells. He will carry on the spirit of this site, with my help and expertise in the background.

Go check it out!      Cowries.de
So long, happy Shelling...             Life is good             Felix Lorenz
As before, I am interested in special cowries and I buy entire shell collections. Simply send some photos and your expectation of price, or alternatively, I'll make you an offer. Your collection will go into responsible hands, and your effort and love in assembling it will be saved for posterity.

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