Dr. Felix Lorenz

Errors and additions to the two volumes of
"Cowries - A Guide to the Gastropod Family Cypraeidae"

Cowries - Vol. 1

1. The authorship of some taxa by either of the three Sowerby's is inaccurate or incorrect in Volume 1. The complete quotations are:

    • Callistocypraea broderipii (J. E. Gray in Sowerby I 1832)
    • Schilderia achatidea achatidea (J. E. Gray in Sowerby I 1837)

Palmadusta contaminata (J. E. Gray in Sowerby I 1832)
    • Bistolida owenii owenii (J. E. Gray in Sowerby I 1832)
    • Bistolida goodallii
(J. E. Gray in Sowerby I 1832)
    • Cribrarula cumingii (J. E. Gray in Sowerby I 1832)
    • Erronea xanthodon
(J. E. Gray in Sowerby I 1832)
    • Contradusta walkeri walkeri
(J. E. Gray in Sowerby I 1832)

so, to be consistent with my conduct in quoting authors in the book, these taxa should have Sowerby replaced by J. E. Gray (omitting the "in Sowerby",
as I have done it in pantherina Solander (in Lightfoot) and alexhuberti Lorenz & Huber (in Lorenz & Hubert).

2. The dates of three Kiener taxa are incorrectly given as 1843 but should be 1844 (corrected in Vol. 2)
    Macrocypraea cervinetta cervinetta, Melicerona felina fabula, and Purpuradusta microdon chrysalis.

3. The distribution of reevei extends further east than given in the map, as it includes Kangaroo Island and probably stretches as far as the Murray River mouth.

4. The maximum size of Notocypraea piperita piperita is 34, not 32

5. Notocypraea declivis dennyorum may be found as deep as 18 m.

6. Page 182 counts 49 living genera and 260 species. The correct account is 50 living genera and 262 species (steineri and hesperina were added after that chapter had been written...)

7. Page 262 "whitworthi" should read "winckworthi".

8. Page 345 table: the base of satiata has "no" spots instead of "so spots"

Many thanks to Philippe Bouchet, He Jing, Simon Wilson, Hans Bliek, Timon Baumgarten.

Cowries - Vol. 2

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